Getting ready for Spring

As Spring is fast approaching now is the time to start building and installing your nesting boxes.  Whilst there are plenty of bird nesting boxes out there for sale many of them concentrate on the aesthetics and may not be suitable for the birds that you wish to attract.  The RSPB website is full of detailed palns for the perfect nesting boxes.

This week I have been busy filling customer orders for nesting boxes for Grey Tits, Blue Tits, open boxes and for the first time it I have made a sparrow terrace.  My research revealed that sparrows like to live and nest in groups as they are social creatures. So I have built a set of four nexting boxes in a single terrace type unit with four separate enterances.

All of the boxes have been built in accordance with the RSPB specifications and have been made from reclaimed hardwood timber so they shold lasst for many years to come. 

 Whilst many of these boxes have been made to fill customers orders I will also be taking a selection with me to my upcoming markets at Stroud and Cirencester over the next few weeks.  If you would like to place an order please drop me an email and I will make sure that your nesting boxes are fit for purpose and attractive too