Large Saucepan Rack on commision

I am often asked to design and make products whilst on my market stall and they often lead to interesting and new products. I built this six hook saucepan rack with lid storage for one of my customers at the France Lynch Village Christmas Fair. She asked me to make it as a present for her daughter which is why I haven’t posted pictures before now… just in case.

I was inspired by the shape of saucepan lids and decided to base the whole design  on circles or part thereof. I used an old windowsill to build the shelf and the semi circular ends and the six quarter circles as the lid storage dividers where made from birch ply that I had leftover from another project, the rear support is a bed slat and the bar for the hooks once held up curtains.  I was very pleased with the results as was the customer that commissioned it.  I will definitely be making a few more of these to sell via the website and will be bringing some with me to sell on my market stalls in the near future