Bespoke Sideboard

As you probably all know one of Good With Wood (Stroud) key services on offer is to make made to measure furniture for clients that fit in with their current décor and are designed specifically to fill a requirement.  This weeks client provided me with a list of items including a cutlery tray, hall shelf and hooks, a pair of bedside cabinets, a coffee table and my favourite item a large side board to go in the family living room for the television to sit on and to store electrical equipment, cds and dvds.

Like the vast majority of my clients the brief was to use reclaimed wood and to keep the design quite simple but stylist to match the rest of their furniture and fittings.  As I needed 4 pieces of solid wood for the top, bottom and two sides I elected to use a couple of pine table tops that I had stored away in the wood shed that I had collected over the last couple of months. After a fair bit of sanding and cutting to size the body was assembled and the back, a piece of 9mm shutter ply recovered from a building site was cut to size and fitted. The internal shelf is part of an old wardrobe door, this the doors.  As they are the most visible part of the cabinet it was paramount that they looked good and fitted well. I had a sheet of 12mm Birch Plywood left over from another project that was perfect for the job. So with a couple of coats of stain to bring the whole piece together I was happy to declare it ready for delivery.

All items were delivery to the clients who were very happy with their haul.

If you would like a piece of furniture designed and made specifically for you please send me a message or drop me an email and we can discuss your requirements