Rustic Kitchen Roll Holders

Small projects can be fun too. Whilst at Stroud Farmers Market I was asked if I had any of these and as I had not yet attempted to make any I said not at the moment but I will have some by the next market. So I went of to the workshop and made a couple of proto-types and sold them both. Now that I know that there is a potential market for them I had added the to my market stock.  

These kitchen roll holders are made from reclaimed floor boards and broom handles. The tongues and grooves are ripped from the boards and then sanded, but as they are old solid pine from the 60s they retain their patina.  

If you would like to enhance your kitchen (or like in my case workshop) with one of these very handy accessories please let me know or pop by to one of my regular markets at Stroud, Cirencester, Cheltenham or Tewksbury and pick one up