Scaffold Board Table and Benches

It always amazes me how wonderful scaffold boards are for building chunky rustic furniture.  I was recently asked if I could make a set of benches and a table to seat six for a great Asian fusion restaurant  Temple Mama Cirencester

They already have some wonderful old furniture including an old rectory table and a long oak bench so my brief was to try to match the style and if possible the colour so that the additional seating fitted in with the current décor. 

I started with four three metre lengths of scaffolding boards which are made from the highest quality slow grown spruce (Whitewood), so before any work began I had to dye the wood using an dark Jacobean wood stain.  Once everything had been built and sanded down I then finished the table and benches with a couple of coats of dark oak stain.

I will post further photos of them in situ once I have delivered them later today 

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