A Wall of books


One of my most requested services is to build storage solutions and the most popular items are bookcases. This project was one of the biggest I have built in some time.  The client had just moved into a new apartment and needed a large amount of storage for their books, cds, dvds and paperwork.  To keep costs down I elected to use 18mm hardwood ply as the client said that they wished to have it painted and also for the structural qualities that plywood has.  The whole bookcase consisted of 8 shelves and measured 210cm high and 170ccm wide so it took up almost all of one of  the walls available in the soon to be office/workroom.

And once it was complete it certainly didn’t take them long to fill it up.

If you are looking for a bespoke bookcase or shelving solution please send me an email or message and I will be happy to discuss your requirements,


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