From Unwanted Pallet to Wall Mounted Wine Rack


When I am on the markets one of the items that seems to attract the most attention and comments is my wall mounted wine rack.  They are made from pallet wood and designed to hang on the wall or sit on a flat surface either inside or outdoors.  They are able to hold up to six bottles of wine and store six glasses underneath

The construction process is fairly straight forward, it all starts of with a pallet, the type in the first picture is the idea but other types of pallets can be used.  You need to strip off the slats (carefully to minimize damage and wastage) then using one or two of the support struts create the sides by cutting them to size with  an angle at the top.  After a good deal of sanding the main body can be put together and I generally use self tapping screws as they are easier to adjust and don’t split the wood.  Attach a slightly wider piece of pallet wood for the shelf, big enough for the wine bottles to sit on and attach the dress strip along the front.  Probably the most complicated step is the cutting out of the section that will hold the glasses but once this is complete and attached you have a pretty niffy wine storage solution

I sell these for £40 each and always have at least two for sale at every market. In the past I have also made them to hold four gin bottles and two balloon glasses and I have even made one capable of holding a dozen botttles.


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