Three of a kind

When I am not on site I have my work truck parked on the corner of our property in Chalford Hill, Stroud. We live on the corner of a quiet road opposite a huge play park with amazing views across the valley. Well since having the company name added to my truck last year I occasionally receive work requests from locals who have seen it parked up.

Jon from Quay Street Diner in Bristol is a Chalford resident, saw my truck and contacted me to see if I would be able to make three large planters on casters for the outdoor eating area of the diner.  I was happy to oblige and had soon constructed them using 150mm gravel boards (designed for the bottom of fences) as they are hardy and rot resistant making them ideal for the job.  

I was happy to delivery them in my VW T25 transporter as I was  keen to check out the Diner. Which is in the heart of Bristol, famed for its street art and only a minutes walk to the harbour. It is a cool Californian style diner themed around its sunny surf and skateboard culture with amazing open grilled food, amazing burgers, tasty coffee, cold beer and yummy cocktails. 

Now that the planters have been filled with plants and are in place here as some more photos



Quay Street Diner Info:

2 Quay St, Bristol BS1 2HF