Custom Keyboard Flight Case



One of the best things about being a carpenter is the ability to build custom items. This weeks customer is me! 

I recently joined Stroud based Dub Reggae band Frankly Skanky as they keyboard player, and after a few months with the band I decided to buy myself an early Christmas present…an upgrade my instrument. I managed to find a good quality used Roland VR-09-B V-Combo Keyboard.  As I want to protect it whilst transporting it to practice and gigs I thought I would buy a flight case but discovered that they cost almost as much as the keyboard so I decided to make my own.  I searched the internet and found the correct spring handle as set of 3 clip hinges, which will allow me to remove the lid, steel corner protectors and clip catches. Using 9mm birch marine ply I build the box and gave it several coats of varnish.  Once the varnish was dry I then got stuck into the interior of the case.  Using upholstery foam rubber and some lovely purple satin I designed the inserts so that the keyboard would be held in place and protected from all angles. 

I am extremely pleased the end result and although I had to invest some of my time the project definitely made in much cheaper than buying one and I know that nobody will have a flight case quite like mine