Fill your house with made to measure furniture

Every now and again a client comes along that wants a whole room full of furniture created from scratch. This is the best possible scenario for me. It allows me to design pieces that fit the clients brief and fit together in harmoniously. The client was keen to use as much reclaimed wood as possible but they were very happy for me to use various thicknesses of birch plywood to construct the framework and drawers. The key piece in the whole collection, and my favourite, was the desk made for two. The clients needed to be able to hide away their computers and printer along with storage for files and stationary. So the drawers where made of plywood and faces with hand cut and routed mahogany which came from a 6 seater dining table. I added a full length riser to hold both monitors and provide plenty of storage space.  The cupboard and bottom drawers have cut-outs for cables and power supplies

The room also needed a piece of furniture to house a small fridge and microwave and also allow it to be used as a mini kitchen. This piece is made from a lovely old oak kitchen table which I picked up off the side of the road. The framework is made entirely from a reclaimed pine wardrobe and incorporates their existing chest of drawers

Using an old pine bookcase to create the top and drawer fronts I made what appears to be a chest of drawers but each of the four drawers is designed to hold shoes or boots.

I have also built a set of storage shelves made from 15mm plywood dressed with oak strips to hide the plywood.  

All items have been stained and varnish to help them blend.  

I have a five drawer corner dressing table to complete once the lockdown is complete.  The drawers have been made from 112mm plywood faced with the same mahogany as the desk and has a reclaimed oak table-top made using the side panels of an old Victorian oak wardrobe. I will post pictures once it has been istalled.

I thoroughly enjoyed this project and I love it when I can build large items of furniture.  I would be happy to help you with your storage solutions so please send me an email, text or message and I will be happy to arrange an appointment to discuss your needs and I will try to design a stylist solution for you.